New clothes for the summer room

New clothes for the summer room

Colors from winter to spring, such as feather rugs, pillows, hugs … are no longer suitable for summer air. However, you do not need to completely change the furniture in your living room, because with just a few simple steps below, you can “put on new clothes” for the living room.


Only with simple ways to make new clothes for the sofa, paint the walls with blue sea as the main, add small flower pots or simply open the windows to the sunshine tomorrow. Early morning … well enough to design living room furniture becomes more impressive.

The sofa is more eye-catching with the new “red jacket” brilliant, highlighting, highlighting the whole space and also evoke the colors of students, very charming

The blue color brings a sense of coolness to the eyes, such as bringing the color and breath of the sea into the house, “chasing” the summer heat of the summer effectively.

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