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GreetinhNet – The uniform of the old VNA hostess is very nice, very familiar and dear, everyone also see that. But why do they have to wear them forever?
In 1997-1998, Vietnam Airlines (VNA) painted the first airplane in color and logo as we have seen in the past. There was no social network at the time, so people could not afford the house, as bad as it is now, but the appearance of the aircraft with the new shirt to make the media get up.


I remember one of the most popular newspaper readers at that time was complaining that the plane was dark, not very suitable for the hot and humid weather of tropical Vietnam.

At that time, I was a journalist watching the international news, so I could go abroad. We arrived at the airport to see the plane painted white with flying stork logo in the needle of Vietnam Airlines was short and lost in the class of aircraft color and style. The national airline of our country at that time did not recognize anything.

It would take five years for Vietnam Airlines to replace its entire aircraft. Now, no one is complaining about Vietnam Airlines’ dark airplane, in contrast, the blue planes look very personal and prominent in the airport of people. Seeing the shadow of it is to see the homeland and nature in peace of mind (not to mention the quality of service is still a problem of Vietnam Airlines) …

In fact, Vietnam Airlines’ flight colors and uniforms have been voted into top design airlines and beautiful uniforms. You go to google search is right.

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