Elegant white apartment gray

Elegant white apartment gray

Each family with different age and sex of different members will have different color preferences. But with this family of three, they all love a very stylish and elegant color, which is white and gray.

Hosts love the elegance and elegance of white and modern, the fashion of gray so all the apartments are two tone color as the main.

White is never outdated in interior design, but it is easily stained if the owner is not careful, so you should consider before choosing the main color tone for your home.

It will be monotonous if the apartment is all white, the gray plaque behind the sofa will be the highlight for your living room space. Note that the color of the sofas should be brighter than the color of the walls so that they can stand up to your sofa.

Kitchen space is perhaps the most important in this apartment, with a large, long kitchen combined with a bar that is very polite and very comfortable to use. However, with the nature of the material white or down and easy to dirty, you should note that easy to clean materials such as laminate or acrylic will help reduce stains.

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