Close-up super villa in the sky

Close-up super villa in the sky

An unknown billionaire spent £ 400m (£ 13.2 trillion) to refit and design the interior of the Boeing 747, making it a luxury mansion, splendid in the sky.
The Daily Mail reported that to complete the mansion, the billionaire said it would take a total of three years to design, then embark on fabrication. The Boeing 747 is fully rearranged, featuring more luxurious bedrooms, restaurants and entertainment, high-end leisure.


Typically, a Boeing 747 can hold up to 600 people, but this special version is completed to serve only one passenger, which is the billionaire face mask is not afraid to show the level of money.

Despite the space constraints, all furniture arranged inside the aircraft exudes elegance and elegance. In addition to the modern bedroom, the super villa also has a large dining room next to the kitchen, meeting room and executive office, helping the host to stay connected to the work.

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